Ours is a story like no other. A story of a young skater determined to create a brand for players just like him. With an energy equaled only by his father’s support, Jackson (at 12 years old) set about creating a brand he could believe in, one that embodied everything about the game he loves - perseverance, competition, skill and most of all fun. Launching with a range of jerseys, shirts, hoodies and caps, Jackson, with the help of family and friends, quickly proved HOCKEYAK to be a legitimate player on the ice. As committed to the brand as he is to his team, Jackson is determined to continue to grow HOCKEYAK and solidify it as an international hockey brand, synonymous with the game and revered by those who call the ice their home. 

Why call it HockeYak?

Jackson was looking for a symbol. A mascot who could represent the brand, the game, and the people that play it. A yak made sense. Yaks are hearty beasts and have three times the lung capacity of their low-land, milk producing cousins, they are sturdy on ice, can be relied upon to venture through wind, rain and snow and are known to push through fatigue and exhaustion to reach their goal. They’re also tough, they have terrible teeth, and every single one of them has amazing flow.  Could there be a better brand mascot? And with that HOCKEYAK was born!